Finding the right letting agent is crucial to ensuring that your property is let at the maximum rental value to suitable tenants and managed effectively ongoing. When choosing an agent consider factors such as how they will market your property, how they will conduct viewings, testimonials and their available pool of quality tenants.

An often-overlooked, but vitally important consideration is that you select a compliant letting agent who meets all industry standards to ensure that you, your money and your property are fully protected.

Choosing the correct service level is entirely based on the level of responsibility and time that a landlord is willing to give. Kate Young Properties provide a range of lettings services to accommodate every type of landlord.

When it comes to letting out a property successfully, first impressions really do count. If you want quality tenants who will look after your property, you need to present it in a clean, tidy and well maintained state. Undertaking just a few, free or low cost jobs really can make a difference.

Kate Young Properties can give you expert advice on how to present your property in the best possible light, using the best quality photography and quality property details.

As a Landlord it is imperative that you notify your mortgage lender, have appropriate landlord insurance which we can assist you with getting and ensure all tax-related affairs are in order.

A variety of legal certificates need to be obtained such as an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), a Gas Safety Certificate (GSC) and shortly a EICR ( Electrical installation condition report) will be required on all rental properties. We will of course advise you on the legal requirements relevant to letting out your property.

It is important to get a comprehensive and professional inventory completed. This provides a thorough record of the condition of the property and its contents – something that is key for the periodic inspections and at check out.

In order to find the best tenant for your property you want the widest possible exposure to the best quality tenants.

Using Kate Young Properties we will not only have a database of suitable tenants but you’ll also benefit from your property having a comprehensive marketing package including: listing on the major property websites such as Zoopla and Prime Location, listing on our own website plus appear in our social media channels and have accompanied viewings.

Once the final rental price has been agreed prospective tenants should always be thoroughly referenced, credit checked and confirmation obtained that they have the right to rent in the UK.

A tenancy agreement is then drawn up – the agreement itself needs to be fully compliant with all current regulations based on which part of the country the property is located in. It is at this stage that the security deposit and the first rental payment is taken.

It is a legal requirement that the deposit is registered with one of the Government approved deposit schemes once the tenant has moved in. This could be either DPS (Deposit Protection Scheme) or TDS (Tenancy Deposit Scheme).

Kate Young Properties use the TDS for their custodial deposits however we also offer the Landlords the option of the Zero Deposit Scheme which can be beneficial to both parties. Please request more information from us should this be of interest to you.

It is important to ensure that all paperwork is completed before checking the tenant into the property and handing over the keys. A handbook of information such as rubbish and recycling days, where meters and stopcocks are located, appliance instruction manuals etc. can avoid a number of queries and questions that will otherwise arise. The inventory that has already been prepared needs to be signed by the tenant and the council, water, gas and electricity suppliers must all be informed that the tenant has moved in.

Both you and your tenant have responsibilities that you must adhere throughout the duration of the tenancy

Your tenant is obliged to

  • Pay the agreed rent on time each month
  • Pay the council tax
  • Pay the utility bills and TV licence unless otherwise stated
  • Use the property as a home and not for commercial purposes
  • Take good care of the property and it’s fixtures and fittings
  • Carry out basic maintenance
  • Keep the property secure at all times
  • Advise the landlord / letting agent of any repairs needed as soon as it arises

Your responsibilities will vary depending on the letting service option that you choose. At a basic level the tenant can expect you or your letting agent to:

  • Allow the tenant to live in the property undisturbed. If access is required 24 hours’ notice must be given
  • Maintain the property to a good state of repair
  • Ensure all gas, electricity and water supplies are installed and in working order
  • Provide all operating instructions for appliances and equipment.

Routine inspections are a great way of ensuring that all is well with both the property and the tenancy. Kate Young Properties can arrange to have inspections carried out on your behalf depending on the level of service you have with us.

At the end of the tenancy the landlord or letting agency should go to the property to formally take possession. The rent should be paid up to date, all keys handed back and an assessment made of the cleanliness and state of the property.

All the paperwork must be completed, a forwarding address for the tenant obtained and the utility companies informed of the changes.

Assuming all is well with the state of the property and its contents, taking into account Fair wear and Tear , the tenant’s deposit should be returned.